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When Winter Feed Yard was built, there werenít any packing plants close by. Today, Dodge City is home to...READ MORE!

Our crew is the heart of Winter Feed Yard. Without our people the physical part of the business would crumble...READ MORE!

Our office is the hub of information between our feed yard personal and customers. We our proud...READ MORE!

Feed Program
We utilize high quality corn silage in our rations, which increases palatability and helps in...READ MORE!

Animal Health/Processing
Animal health is a major concern for all cattle feeders...READ MORE!

Pen sizes vary from 50 head to over 300 head. The most common sizes are...READ MORE!

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At Winter Feed Yard, we take pride in our people to do the job...READ MORE!

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Ross Winter always said, ďDonít guarantee something that you canít deliver. If you do your best, price your service reasonably, and work hard, thatís all you can do.Ē Thatís our guarantee, to put all of our experience to work for you as if we were taking care of our own cattle. At Winter Feed Yard, we take pride in our people to do the job.