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Our Staff

Ken Winter    Owner / Manager
A third generation member of the Winter Family, Ken has worked at the feed yard since old enough to keep up with his dad Ross Winter, and not get lost. A Kansas State University graduate, Ken has had experience on the family ranch/farm, spent 7 years working at Winter Livestock, and over 20 years at the feed yard. Growing up at the feed yard has given Ken the opportunity to work in every phase of the daily operations. After college, Ken said he received his PHD on the job. “PHD”, said Ken’s dad, “stands for Post Hole Digger.” From digging holes to buying and selling cattle to updating the feed mill, Ken has had the chance to really know the industry from the inside out.
“Our crew is the heart of Winter Feed Yard. Without our people the physical part of the business would crumble into a worthless heap.” Ken says. “Our lead people have the same desire that my grandfather instilled into us; treat the customer like family and their cattle like your own.” Ken welcomes a call from a customer or potential customer while in the office, in the yards, or at home. Don’t hesitate to call to talk about feeding cattle, the markets, or the industry.
Contact Information
Office: 620-225-4128
Cell: 620-338-3368
Home: 620-225-0409

Ed Arnold    Customer Relations / Fat Cattle  "The Negotiator"
Ed joined the Winter Feed Yard team in 1995 but is by no means new to the industry. Growing up in Pawnee County, Kansas on a farm and ranch that was homesteaded by his grandfather, Ed learned early on that hard work and long hours were just a part of the industry. During his high school years, Ed made spending money working for a local farmer / rancher watching cattle on grass and wheat pasture. In 1970, Ed was hired by Pawnee Valley Feeders as assistant manager. His main responsibilities were animal health and the yard crew. Under the watchful eye of Don Young, he began buying and selling cattle for the feed yard. After 13 years in the feed yard, Ed went to work for Tom Shirley and Art Ebner, two of the original three that started Hy-Plains Dressed Beef, now National Beef in Dodge City, as an order buyer for Hy-Plains Cattle Company.
After Ross Winter passed away in 1995, Ed came on board just to help in any way he could. His responsibilities soon expanded into customer relations, fat cattle sales, feeder cattle procurement for customers, and just keeping an eye on all the “young bucks”. His many years of experience and desire to see to it that the customer is properly taken care of have made his contributions exceptional. When talking to Ed you will soon find out that he tells it like it is. He doesn’t smooth things over just to make you happy, He tells you the facts so you can make the decisions that need to be made.
We gave Ed the nickname of “The Negotiator” because at Winter Feed Yard we take our responsibility for merchandising fat cattle seriously. Ninety-nine percent of our cattle are traded in the cash market. It takes time, knowledge, and negotiating ability to sell cattle in the open market. We believe that it is not only our responsibility, but also our duty to devote people and time to marketing your cattle. Most of our customers believe that negotiating a price is the best way to receive the most return for their dollar. Winter Feed Yard markets cattle through negotiated grid sales, negotiated live sales, and occasionally through forward contracts or US Premium Beef. The customer is the owner and our boss, our job is to assist and provide advice.
Give Ed a call to get a feel for the markets, both feeder and fat, and with any questions about your cattle.

Contact Information
Office: 620-225-4128
Cell: 620-338-0095

Diane    CFO / Office Manager
Diane received an Accounting degree from Kansas State University in 1983 and her CPA certification in 1985. After 6 years in a CPA firm, Diane joined the Winter Feed Yard team. Diane has led us in updating our services and feed yard computer programs. Winter Feed Yard uses Turnkey Computer Systems, Inc., including feed yard accounting, feed bunk reading, and hospital programs. Not only was she instrumental in installing the programs she also knows how to run each with expertise. Diane’s long suit is that she is very detail oriented. She has numerous checks and balances in place to assure, to the best of her ability, that everything leaving the office is correct and professional. She has also put together a very capable staff dedicated to customer satisfaction, employee service and correct data entry.
Diane grew up on a farm east of Dodge City, where her father and brother raise corn, soybeans, and wheat. She claims that she was the “designated corn planter” at planting time, because of her straight rows. This may explain why she is so particular in the office. She also enjoyed horseback riding and cheerleading in high school. Diane is the mother of three: Luke, born in 1998, Adam in 2000 and Ashton “Mom’s girl” in 2003. Her spare time is spent washing clothes, cleaning up, playing with the children, and more recently taking them to various programs and activities.

Molly and Mindy    Office Support
Molly and Mindy are the ones most likely to answer the phone when you call in. They are courteous and professional in handling your requests. Molly does most of the accounting and Mindy takes care of feed yard inventory of cattle and commodities. Both are happy to direct your calls, take a message, or answer your questions.
Molly graduated from Missouri Southern State University with a degree in accounting. After working 3 years as a staff accountant in the savings and loan industry, she moved to Dodge City where she was Controller/Vice President at a local bank for 16 years. Molly’s experience in the banking industry makes her well qualified to help with cattle and feed financing for our customers.
Mindy obtained a Bachelor of Animal Science in Agriculture with an emphasis in business from Kansas State University. Mindy spent three years working in the trucking industry as transportation manager and dispatcher before going to work for a Kansas feed yard in payroll and accounting. She is the newest member of our office staff and is a great addition.
As you can see, our office is professional, capable, and ready to help in any way. Drop by and enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of candy while you visit with the professional staff at Winter Feed Yard.

Aaron and Joel Winter    Yard Managers
Ken’s sons, Aaron and Joel, are the fourth generation of Winter’s working at and managing Winter Feed Yard. They have shared responsibility for managing the employees, taking care of the facilities, and the cattle. Both Aaron and Joel have been coming to the feed yard from their youth helping wherever they could.
Aaron has spent his entire working career at the feed yard and specializes in animal health. He has been a pen rider, processor, shipped and received cattle and is currently the cattle manager. Joel, before coming to the feed yard full time, worked at Winter Livestock sorting cattle and as a field representative concentrating on video and Internet sales. Joel also spent a year and a half working at a local calf starting lot doing a little bit of everything. Joel has operated our feed mill and calls feed when needed. Both boys are excited about the livestock industry and eager to take on more responsibility.
Aaron has three children and his son Ross is already helping where ever and when ever he can. What a legacy that was started five generations ago by Karl Winter.
Contact Information
Aaron: 620-338-5262
Joel: 620-338-2091