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Our Story

Karl Winter was born in Finney County, Kansas in 1889 on a farm near Kalvesta. As the dirty thirties rolled by and the dirt storm days came to an end Karl moved to Dodge City, Kansas where he purchased a struggling auction market in 1936. Karl and an employee of the auction, Ted McKinley, soon became partners in one of the most successful auction markets in the nation, McKinley-Winter Livestock Commission Co. In 1940, Karl purchased another auction in LaJunta, Colorado. Again, in 1992, a new auction was built from the ground up in Enid, Oklahoma. Today all three auctions are owned and operated by Karlís son, Ray and three of Rayís: Weston, Brian, and Mark.

As the cattle auction grew so did cattle feeding and in 1956 Karl and his two sons, Ross and Ray, built Winter Feed Yard on a hill East of Dodge City near historic Fort Dodge, Kansas. Winter Feed Yard built one of the first steam flaking, in mill batching, feed mills in Kansas. The original capacity was 6,000 head but with expansions in 1967 and 1986, the yard currently has a capacity of 30,000 head with permits to expand to 45,000.

When Winter Feed Yard was built, there werenít any packing plants close by. Today, Dodge City is home to two plants. Excel is located just across the road from the feed yard and National Beef is just 3 miles West. Sixty miles to the West is IBP and 70 miles Southwest is another Farmland Beef plant.

Today, Winter Feed Yard is managed by third and fourth generation Winterís with the fifth generation out and learning. Winter Feed Yard is still managed with the same objectives as when Karl first started in the industry: honesty, integrity, dependability, and hard work. We treat every animal as if we had every penny of our own money in it. We purchase feed ingredients, pharmaceuticals, repairs, and supplies with the customerís bottom line in mind and save everywhere we can without sacrificing service or quality. We are bullish about the cattle industry and excited about future opportunities. There have been a lot of changes since Karl Winter moved to Dodge City in 1936 and we are sure there will be even more in the future.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We would really like to have you visit our location in Dodge City and talk in person but if that is not possible at this time, please give us a call and letís talk cattle.